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Youtube Tuesday

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Bored at work?

James Brown on Alien Crack can cure that!

Overdose on Safety Meeting Brownies!

post yours, and this is bike related because :confused:
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baycat said:
Bored at work?
Wow, that JB is somethin' else. :p

I'll have what he's having.

the connection's crystal clear to me

baycat said:
Bored at work?
...and this is bike related because :confused:
what could possibly be more bike related than James Brown & special brownies?

here's my contribution, fire tornados from last year's Crucible Fire Arts Fest which is happenning next weekend.

somehow that seems bike related too.
I though YouTube was only for videos of people crashing, falling or generally smashing themselves up.

Here's a compilation I found - some old favorites, plus new, extra gruesome stuff I hadn't seen before (and a few bikes in it too)

Warning: don't watch if you're not up for some gore or scenes of people getting hurt badly

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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