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Youth Chest Protector

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Does anyone have any recommendations on youth Chest Protectors. For reference my son is 10 and we are wanting some basic protection. We do not have lifts here, so he will have to pedal it up. Thanks in advance.
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There are a few categories that bleed into the MX world too, so good to know the differences.

-Roost protector (deflects against small object at certain speed but not rated for any impact protection) - kind of flimsy
-Chest Protector - More protective version of roost protector - Stone Shield. Tested against small objects at high speeds but much different and less protective against impact than EN 1621 1&2. They do often have a 1621 back protector tho.

Those two are geared mostly towards the moto-world where rocks/stones are coming at someone's chest at high speed.

We have the Dianese Scarabo armor for my youngest. Its worked well but warm and comes up high on his belly. Rated shoulders, elbows, back...some padding on chest but nothing crazy or rated. My oldest wears a TLD Protective shirt (long sleeve). Its worked out well and he pedals in it. It gets warm on hot days still (like anything). I only wish it was a zip-off...its a PITA to get it off of him when he's sweaty. A friend got a deal on the IXS trigger jacket for his kid. Full jacket and pretty light. Not much chest padding but some there and on the ribs. I like this jacket alot. I've seen some kids going with the hard armored vests now and a short sleeve. I think these are more of a MX chest protector but likely function really well. Probably better chest protection than the basic, unrated chest padding that comes on a lot of MTB jackets. Alpine Stars makes some decent looking gear too.

For shuttle days and because I crash from time to time, I got a Leatt Stealth jacket. Its really nice and light.

Some of the MX shops like BTO and Revzilla carry a TON of stuff. Some give you free returns or fitment returns I think too. I'd just buy 3 or 4 models and try them on and return what doesn't work.
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I have a lot of body armor for DH riding, and Leatt is the gold standard in my book. Way better design and construction than the Fox stuff.
Evs pressure suit is what both of my kids wear. They wear it for lift assist trails and BMX
We are liking our Fox youth R3 on my 10yo. Super light and breathable. It's a roost guard so not designed for serious impact, but (should be) great for low speed falls by a light rider. Youth R3 Guard | Fox Racing®

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Thank you! We went with the TLD Rockfight. We met some people local who had one so we were able to test it out! Thanks! I'll follow up after Christmas once he uses it.
Go to your local Cycle Gear and try on a bunch of different protectors. They usually have a massive selection.
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