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Youth Bike Adventures (volunteers needed)

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Youth Bike Adventures - Next Ride July 15th

Youth Bike Adventures (YBA) has been taking local under served kids in our community on rides in the East Bay Regional Parks for 15 years. Our rides are once a month on Saturday from 10am to 3 pm May through October. We ride either at Pt. Pinole Regional Park or Wildcat Canyon/Alvarado Regional Park. At least 12 volunteers ride with 10 kids and the ride includes a big lunch together, and a ton of fun sharing with the kids and the other riders. July 15th is our next Youth Bike Adventures ride. We will be riding in Wildcat Canyon with the Berkeley Booster boys and girls. We meet at the Alvarado Trail head as usual at 9:45. The trail may still be a mess so hopefully we will have lots of volunteer guides. Please RSVP us at [email protected] or Jeff Edmonston. Dates for the rest of the season are: July 15; August 12; September 16; and our annual Halloween Ride October 28. For more info about YBA programs contact Jeff Edmonston or call him at 510-325-2417.

July 15th is also the trailwork day at Garin East Bay Regional Park. Please free up your riding schedules to help out with these fine events brought to you by the Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay.

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Bump for this weekends ride. Looking for something low key? Come join us!
can't make this weekend but am very interested in the next one. please keep me in the loop.
g-funk said:
can't make this weekend but am very interested in the next one. please keep me in the loop.
We'll try to keep this thread going. Perhaps some pictures of kids having fun would be appropriate?
Aug 12th Next!

Unfortunately, none of the pics from our last ride depict any riding, as our photographer had her hands full with other duties and was unable to ride ahead and set up for some action shots.

Our next ride is August 12th, same time and location as the first post.
I am very interested in this... i don't know if i can make the august date, but possibly the september one..?

pm me more info please!

thePINKster said:
I am very interested in this... i don't know if i can make the august date, but possibly the september one..?

pm me more info please!

At Youth Bike Adventures we take a group of inner-city kids on what is sometimes their first visit to an East Bay Park. We teach them the basics of safe mountain biking, provide a healthy lunch, and give them a helmet and a T-Shirt to take home. More importantly these kids get a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from mastering the trails and the hills and their bikes which we also maintain and provide.

Every kid gets an adult BTCEB member guide who accompanies them throughout the ride. The guide explains the basics of trail riding and also shows them the beauties of the parks where we ride. Many trips in Wildcat Canyon and Tilden include a visit to the nature center and little farm in Tilden.

Please come ride with us and have some fun showing these kids a good time. Please RSVP Jeff Edmonston or 510-325-2417.

2006 Ride Calendar
May 6
June 10
July 15
August 12
September 16
October 28 - our annual Halloween Ride

We always welcome and encourage riders (BTCEB members or not) to come and ride with us to learn about the program and see how much fun we have. You do have to be a current dues paying member of BTCEB to be a " guide" for one of our youth riders.

Many of our rides are done with groups that don't have outings, this may the only opportunity for the kids and the group to take a trip. Often, it is their first experience in an EBRPD Park or open space. Come on out and watch as they open their eyes and see a new world.

BTCEB provides this program free to organized youth groups throughout the East Bay. We raise funds from businesses and charities that support youth outreach programs like ours. If you know of a kid or a group that could benefit, or a company or non-profit that might want to donate, please contact the Youth Bike Adventures Coordinator, Jeff Edmonston You can also phone 510-325-2417.
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Volunteers needed (12th) Youth Bike Adventures

Our next ride is this weekend!

Come on out and join the fun!

Feel free to call me if you have any questions, see above posts for info.

Meet time is 9:45AM at the McBride trailhead to Wildcat Canyon.

Well, unfortunately I got the email from Edmo that the YBA ride tomorrow had to be cancelled:

YBA Ride is cancelled!
Unfortunately, the agency we were going to ride with this month called
late this afternoon to tell us that there were no available employees
or volunteers to attend the ride and drive the van full of kids to the
So the ride is off.
We haven't had this happen in quite some time, and it is sad. The
groups of kids we ride with usually do not have a lot of resources in
their programs, and events like these are usually a result of that.

I am putting myself on the calendar for the next YBA ride...hopefully I can start a trend to boost the numbers.
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Dan'ger said:
I am putting myself on the calendar for the next YBA ride...hopefully I can start a trend to boost the numbers.
Man sorry to hear that the ride got cancelled. Looks like it's on the 16th of September. Now if I'm not mistaken that is the day before Ale's & Trails. I've been wanting to do one of these just haven't put the effort into actually doing it. I think the GF might be interested as well.
Sad but true.

Yes the next ride is still on for Sept. 16th. Ales & Trails has been a great time the last two years, definitely a great way to mtb the weekend :thumbsup:
rkt88edmo said:
12 days 'til the next ride

How many more volunteers do you need for this one?

I expect that I will be attending - what do I need to know?
I usually don't have a very good volunteer count until about the Tuesday before. We are generally a little bit shorthanded as a rule.

********Begin canned response:

Things we try to stress:
Local kids in their local parks
Trail ettiquette
Having fun

I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, but wanted to respond to you as quickly as possible. The best way for me to answer any specific questions you might have might even be a phone call. 510.325.2417 :)

Common questions include:

Do I have to be a BTCEB member? - No, you do not have to be a BTCEB member to volunteer with Youth Bike Adventures. However, we hope that those who repeatedly enjoy our rides will help support the club which runs Youth Bike Adventures.

How much experience do I need as a MTBer? - Our rides are approximately 11 miles long and have some hill climbing, but require very little "technical" mtb skills. Our rides are generally designed to be challenging but do-able for inexperienced pre-teen riders

How long does the event last? - Each ride generally starts around 9:45 and ends at 3pm. This includes our free lunch during the ride. We welcome volunteers who can only attend part of the ride and may have to leave early. Every extra volunteer hour helps.

Can I bring my own kids? - Unfortunately we don't allow adult volunteers to bring their own youth with them. We are usually riding with 17-25 people total for an average ride, larger rides often become difficult to manage. In addition, we strive to have one volunteer for each youth rider. It results in the safest rides. Some exceptions have been made for mature minors who are strong independent riders.

Who pays for this? Do you get paid? We rely entirely on grant money which primarily comes from Red Oak Realty's ROOF awards, as well as grants from the Grizzly Peak Cyclists. In addition, many other local bike shops and companies who have supported us over the years. We are all volunteers who run the program because we love the responses of the kids and feel that we are responding to a need of the youth in our communities.

End canned response********
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I'm there!

See you tomorrow at Larry Blakes.
Volunteers needed this Sat! Oct 28th

We are gearing up for our last Youth Bike Adventures ride of 2006. This one will be at point pinole with a younger group of kids. They all volunteer at their schools in Oakland as crossing guards and are a really great bunch.

Will you come out and help make their day :thumbsup: ?

see for park info
Point Pinole
Meet in the parking lot at 9:45

let them know you are with Youth Bike Adventures for discounted parking.

Costumes encouraged.
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bump up for any early risers looking for a great way to spend a low key day
ECHSMTB sends their love

or about 3-4 kids. They are on their own so with about a 3 hour window. Give them some structure. Michael
Possible egg on face.

Reports of soft response have reached me. I am unworthy.
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