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your opinion please

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im putting together a niner wfo 9, and there 2 awesome deals on brakes right now, should i a go all out and get the hayes stroker ace for 240.00 or save a bit and get the hayes stroker trails for 140.00 and just put bigger rotors later on which is extra. im leaning towards the aces cause im a clyde around 240lbs. plus the aces already come with 8" rotors, i just need to know if im getting 100.00 more in better performing brakes...
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Go with the Ace you will be happier. The cost to up grade to the bigger rotors will come out to the same price if you get the Trails and upgrade later.
The aces are a good amount better than the trails and are much better suited for someone of your size.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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