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Your "How the f&*K did I just do that?" moments.

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Those times when you're so focused on just riding or following the guy in front you don't stop to think on how you're going to clear the next tricky section, but you do and with skills or confidence you never knew you had.

I had one during a ride on Sunday, my first ride along the Green Belt in Austin (a very fine set of trails). I was trying to keep up with the guy in front, climbing a narrow piece of single track, heading towards a left hander switch back. I was so focused on keeping the power down and pedaling through the corner I didn't think about how I was going to make this tight switchback. Next thing I know I'm coming out of the corner and I notice I've wheelied the entire thing, the front wheel was up throughout the corner. It felt so smooth to have just lifted the front wheel around the switchback while pedaling through balanced on the back wheelie. But, if you ask to repeat it I know it would be impossible. I'd have overbalanced and fallen.

Sometimes it's what you think you can't do which gets in the way of what you can do.
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marzjennings said:
Sometimes it's what you think you can't do which gets in the way of what you can do.
I think thats the key to a lot of things while riding.

Out for a fall ride shortly after some rain. I was riding on pine needles on a off-camber downhill. I panicked and grabbed the breaks. My back wheel slid left and I let go. My momentum had spun me around so I was moving backwards. I panicked again and grabbed the break, my momentum carried me back around facing forward and I was off riding again.

I don't even think that is a proper explanation because I'm still not sure how I did a flawless 360 on a slippery, off-camber downhill and kept on rolling. I guess people do it all the time on the street but for a beginner xc rider, fully clipped the f&*k did I just do that?
I have a good one from about 10 years ago. Riding an old Trek steel hardtail that I had just installed a Judy XC fork on. Riding in southern Arizona descending (way too fast) on a single track, I approach an off camber left turn. Mid turn I suddenly find myself diverted to the right and now bushwhacking down the steep side of the hill. Bailing is not a great option as the field is littered with sharp rocks and cactus. I decided to ride it out. At the bottom I notice a sand filled wash, figure that can't hurt too bad.....except for the three foot vertical wall across the wash. It is pretty narrow and of course I fly across the sand and the bike plants head on in to the vertical face on the other side of the wash. I have a firm grip on the bars and start to go over, feet over head, like a hand stand on the bars, somehow let go, rotate around and land on my feet. The downtube on the bike is broken as the fork was jammed backwards. It is unrideable but I am unscathed. My riding partners are at the top of the hill stunned that I am scratch the f&*k did I just do that?
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My muddy claims that he once hit a square edge rock at speed going downhill and went OTB except he didn't let go.... and somehow did a full front flip and landed rubber side down again and pedalled it out.:skep: Yeah, I'm suspicious, but he sticks to the story.

A "How did I do that?" moment I have frequently is after riding down an ugly, cliffy, steep, chute then stopping to look back up what I'd just come down.
:eekster: :eekster: :eekster: How in the heck did I just ride down that!!??
I used to get a lot of those, when I rode agressively. ...aided by my insistence on riding a fully rigid vintage XC race bike, which, to say are not very forgiving of rider miscalculations is understatement. One wrong move and you're in for harsh consequences. During a trail ride with a few friends (on proper AM&FR bikes) near Vail, I could see the three bounce points over & around a huge drop into a rock garden, but got corralled straight into it. As I realized I was missing the launch, and prepared for the fork-bending, collarbone snapping impact on hard jagged ground, I closed my eyes, turned my head to the side, and lowered a shoulder... a bit of a beating around, and then a sort of whooop, and I rolled to a stop up onto a road at the bottom. !

We just stood there for a minute and looked at the sheer scale of that section in disbelief. The line went around both sides of that sucker, I ran it right down the middle.

About a dozen regulars at the bottom kinda just stared at me like I had two heads. I got in a "eh, I could ride that with my eyes closed."

Speed cures all.
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I rode up to a stop sign one day while out riding w/ my ex wife, a car pulled up opposit of us so we stopped. I was new to front suspension and just put first generation Manitous on my bike. Anyway, as I coasted up to the stop, I was going a little bit to fast and when I hit the front brake I endo'd. Well, instead of going overr the bars the bike shifted to the left so I went with it and I ended up doing a complete 360 and comeming back down and landing on my back tire after the rotation to level again. It was so cool, it totally looked like I ment to do it, my ex and the guy in the car were blown away.
just about an hour ago i had that feeling....

kind of funny that i saw this today. i just got done riding a trail that is close to my house. i normally ride to the trailhead and today was no exception on the singlespeed. i needed to get out and ride because i have been laid up with a fever then a head cold for about a week and a half. but with an overcast sky and rain in the forecast, i should have been more thoughtful. i got to the trail and rode one lap, then on my way back out i decided that i had enough time to get in another. as soon as i started into the second lap the misting sky when straight to rain. i put the hammer down and rode as fast as i could. about half way, there is a technical area of skinnys, log stacks, and techy rock gardens. i have never once cleaned any of it EVER; dry, wet, singlespeed, geared, nothing. i managed to get to the part that always gives me trouble with no thought. i was too focused on getting home to realize anything else. the killer for me is a uphill, root filled, super tight (the trees and the turn) switchback with about a 3 foot high steep log stack directly after. my head was down charging uphill and i had forgot about it. i saw the turn and thought "oh ****, i'm going to fall." but i pulled my front tire up mid way through the turn out of instinct and mashed it out. i was so stoked that i did it and needless to say, in the rain as well that i never thought about the rest of the section and cleaned everything else. hopefully i can repeat it next time i ride but i am on cloud nine right now.
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I had just started riding seriously this year again after about a ten year gap, and it's amazing how the instincts come back. At the end of the year I was at the local trail, and decided to go exploring a new section. After some rolly-rocky stuff along a ridgeline, the trail took a sharp blind turn and headed down a relatively short but steep and rocky slope. I was caught off guard and was going way too fast, but managed to navigate 3/4 of the way down in decent shape, until I came to a three-inch-thick root that curves up out of the ground about a foot before going back underground--basically a big spring in the the middle of the path. I saw it too late to veer to the side, and my front tire hit it, the bike stopped cold, and I started the predictable endo. Halfway through the endo, instinct kicked in--I squeezed the front brake and threw all my weight back, while the "spring" action of the root actually shot the bike and me backwards about three feet up the hill ... I landed on both tires (although my butt landed on the top tube instead of the seat) and was able to navigate around the root this time and roll to the bottom in safety. I will never be able to do that again (and I don't think I'd want to). How the F&*K did I do that?
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If I smoke the wacky tobacky then I usually do stuff I wouldn't, and then I realize i can do it.
just this last week i was doing a group ride... i'm a SLOW rider... rigid and fat do that for ya... and this was my 2nd or 3rd time ever on this trail... we regrouped before a nice mild DH section... lots of water bar drops on it... I've enjoyed it every time i've done it but am a bit careful... this time i was just so concentrated on keeping with the guy in front of me... that i didn't even realize we'd run though that section until the next regroup area... one on hand i was pleased with how easily i kept up with the group and how relativly smoothly i'd flown though that area... but i was disappointed that i didn't realy get to enjoy the speed and jumps :)...

there have been a few other times that i've looked back at the trail and said... how the heck did i pull that off... but none as kewl as some of these guys...
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how the..

I was riding in freezing rain.I was on the street.I had no idea how really slick it was until I made a this right turn.Clipped in I did a complete 180 with the bike coming to with the front wheel just kissing the curb then unclipped.I have no idea how I stayed upright.
Stevirey said:
I was riding in freezing rain.I was on the street.I had no idea how really slick it was until I made a this right turn.Clipped in I did a complete 180 with the bike coming to with the front wheel just kissing the curb then unclipped.I have no idea how I stayed upright.
All the Fixed Gear Freestylists were probably impressed.
The first time I ever mountain biked was at whistler (great place to start right?). Since I'm only 15, judgment isn't really a strong suit of mine so I just decided to go and skip all the blue beginner trails and just straight to the intermediate. I was keeping up with the guys who had been riding for years and it was only my first time. A week later I went to Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island and couldn't ride at all... so I'm not sure if it was a confidence thing, a gear thing, or a trail quality thing but I was so freaked out that I was able to ride whistler.
Nothing too spectacular here but several times recently I've gotten to the top of a climb that I didn't think I could make, looked back & thought 'damn'!
There's a trail I have ridden many times called the "Fern Trail". It's largely smooth with some really nicely placed rocks (placed by the glaciers as they receded), setting up for some nice air time. Last summer I followed a guy down the trail who had each rock/jump/drop dialed I didn't think about anything, just followed his line and speed. I certainly have never gone that fast on that trail, and I'm not sure I have ever had my wheels that far off the ground. It was over in a flash and as we re-grouped at the bottom of the hill I had that thought "how the f#($! did I do that?".

I've been down that trail a bunch of times since and haven't come close to matching that speed or height.

grantheppes said:
If I smoke the wacky tobacky then I usually do stuff I wouldn't, and then I realize i can do it.
I used to race BMX under the influence of the tabacky, never lost either...other then being illegal at the time (its legal in california now, I have a prescription for it) but I wonder what the track officials would have to say. And now that I can smoke legally they would probably ban me and accuse me of using a sports enhancement drug or some other wacky excuse. :nono: :lol:
This summer I was riding a ladder bridge I had successfully navigated many, many times before. Not sure what happened on this particular time but I had my right leg thrown way out for balance... I could feel I was losing it so I hit the brakes and before I knew it I had a one footed trackstand going on, on top of this bridge which was maybe 5 feet off the ground. I was still clipped in with my left foot. Don't know what I was thinking but next thing I knew I had hopped off the bridge, still attached to my bike, and rotated 90 degrees. It was far from a perfect landing but some riders who were watching said it was a pretty stylish bail.

It wasn't until I finished my ride and was chilling in the parking lot that I noticed I had a very deep gash on my inside ankle bone. Couldn't walk properly for several weeks afterwards..
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Every once in a while I end up doing something mind's always even more perplexing when you go to repeat exactly what you just did and fail miserably.

A few months ago I showed up at a super tech rockcrawling type trail with a bunch of drops and steep ups at the same time as another dude...We get into the trail a ways and he stops for a little break with maryj. Me who hadnt smoked in a good 6 mos can't say no. Turns out it was incredibly potent stuff that absolutely floored me. I kept on wandering along on the bike tackling all this stuff I wouldnt have dreamed of trying otherwise with no knowledge of what I was doing or a care as to why. The one terrible part was that every so often I would come into completely clear conciousness and perfect awareness right as I was about to drop or negotiate a big feature..."WHERE AM I?"..."OH SHIIIIIII...".
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okay_player said:
It wasn't until I finished my ride and was chilling in the parking lot that I noticed I had a very deep gash on my inside ankle bone. Couldn't walk properly for several weeks afterwards..
I bailed hard, got up and checked myself...OK. Checked the bike...OK. Got on to ride putting pressure on my foot...SQUIRT..the deep ankle bone gash I had missed shot blood all over my bike and other leg. Needless to say without a rag it was a very messy ride out by myself.
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