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Liana has another installment.

Hello again. Since I last spoke to you all I've gotten some new equiptment. Kenda donated kits to the freshmen girls on the team. Plus I've also gotten a new bike. The bike and I are already getting along pretty well. It was really easy to get used to. My first few rides on it were definitely an improvement from the rides I went on with my clunky old Magma. Our team has also been lucky enough to get a new coach for our girls. She's really awesome and she's already given me some tips to improve on my biking as well as dealing with my asthma (which gives me barrels of trouble, at times). But even though I'm an extremely new biker, I'm already building muscle as well as character from starting this sport. I know that even though I'm not improving much and I still have a very long way to go, even though I feel like I'll never get better and I just plain SUCK, I know that I can never give up. Biking gives me faith, and you guys help give me biking! Thanks, Liana
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Keep up the good work.

Berkeley Mike said:
Liana has another installment.
Mike, if you could pass this on...

I am excited to hear how you are doing, Liana.

The Kenda kits are really fun, huh? Of all the clothes I have raced in, they are my favorite by far. I love the black and red, and the flowers are cool. They are feminine clothes without being wussy! They always made me feel really fast.

Don't worry to much about how you are riding at this point. Focus on one thing you can improve and do everything you can to improve in that one area, when you are confident in that skill, then move on to the next thing. This approach will help you for as long as you ride, whether you are 15 or 30 years old ;-).

Every athlete wishes they could be better or faster or stronger. The really good athletes are the ones that understand that it takes time. I have a friend who is one of the fastest women in the country and she still has lapses in her confidence every year, especially when she is training. Doubt is natural and can help you to be stronger if you understand how to use it. Use it as motivation! Remember to ask you coach how you are doing, and take her advice.

Have fun training!

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I will pass that on,

but also keep it for the archive. It is something we all need to hear once in a while. MM
good work

Mike, great work that you are doing! Liana, sounds like you are working hard and having fun. With that combination you are sure to succeed. You are lucky to have discovered a sport that you enjoy and can continue to do so for many many years to come. Have a great holiday everyone!
For Liana:


Don't worry about sucking/not sucking, fast/slow. Get out and ride. Have FUN. This is a fun sport. Enjoy being outdoors. Listen to your new coach -- we've all been in the same place you have at some point in time. She should be able to give you some good tips and training to speed up the learning curve. The more time you spend on the bike, the better your skills will be and you will naturally get faster. Don't compare yourself to other riders right now. Focus on how far you've come and what you've learned. You are right -- this sport definitely builds character. You have to fall some in order to learn. It's not easy. Very few people are "naturals". Just remember to enjoy riding, enjoy your team, and enjoy learning. Everything else will eventually fall into place. Keep pedaling!

From a fellow teammate:
I think that you are gonna be a monster on the bike!!! Also don't say you suck!!!! Everyone has to start somewhere.Try not to put yourself down. A positive attitude can go a long way.Believe me I started out just like you last year. As for now try getting out on your bike this winter break whenever you have time. Also I'll call you about the ride on the 29th!!
hey- look what's happening here!

I find it so amazing that I can watch with my own eyes as women mtn bikers connect with each other and supporters, and as younger women and girls are so readily welcomed into the sport. Having started riding in the midwest (where there are fewer riders and even fewer mountains!) and spending my early days riding alone, I am so glad things have evolved in this way.

Liana and my other ECHS girls- I'm so impressed with the way you reach out and support each other. "C.R." is right- a positive attitude DOES go a long way. Judging from what I've seen of your so far, I think you're all in pretty good shape in that regard. I hope we can continue the trend all season long.
Keep up the good work!

Ride on ladies,
Coach Annie ;)
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