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Close to trails: Davidson River; has hot showers, flush toilets, ride from camp, and is about 5 minutes from Brevard, for grocery stores, bike shops, and "acceptable" restaurants.

Close to food: Lake Powhattan (in Bent Creek); you can also ride from the camp, but the trails are less epic (yet quite fun if Epic is not a requirement), but you are 10 minutes from West Asheville and/or downtown, with all kinds of hip places to get burgers, pizza, or just about any kind of food you want. Friday night in downtown Asheville is quite the experience (but remember the gates to the campground close at 10)

There is also primative camping on the side of the road, for free. Or North Mills, which has no showers, but is near some great trails too. Less food choices though.

And then all the stuff down near DuPont, but those don't rate as high for me. I'd rather drive to DuPont one day, but stay near Asheville or Brevard.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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