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Your experience with White Industries' Eccentric Disc Mount!

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The title nails it, pretty much ;) Anybody's got one of these in use? Trying to find a field report - especially in use with hope brakes. The webpage says it works with hayes, avid and shimpanso - and might with others, but not sure so far...

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Can't help you on the Hope brakes, but I have used BB7s and Formulas. Also make sure the adapter will work with your frame.
Works on Shimano 760 series caliper. It's a little funky to set up so be patient. Once tightened, it has not moved in 1+ year.
alright - thank you, guys! well, as for the hope i guess i've got to make my own experiences and post 'em up here ;)
On a weird coincidence, I'm interested in nearly the same thing as the OP.

My intended setup is:
Transition Bank 2010 frame
(it's got eccentric dropouts already, no need for a WI hub),

Hope V2 caliper with 160 mm rotor
(need to be able to block rear wheel for backhops, but don't want a large rotor),

White Industries eccentric adapter.

I also intend to post my experience here.
The problems I can foresee are:

1. Clearing the V2 caliper against WI adapter (probably doable with a file),

2. Getting the necessary range of adjustments from WI adapter, which is not guaranteed to clear against seatstay (not likely to be a problem, because the dropout and IS mount are one piece, flat on the inside),

3. Going out of sync with dropout and adapter adjustments, because adjustable dropouts are all metric sized on the Bank frame, and the adapter is probably imperial sized.
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Just thought about the same thing today as I am looking at doing an Ebay special (carbon frame). I currently have WI hubs and can convert the rear to eccentric and add the adapter. But don't know if it will fit the frame (clearance issues). Initially will be using BB7's but hope to move on to R1's by next year (or what ever is uber light when the time comes). My other option is a Forward Components EBB. The cost will be about the same when you add in the conversion axle crap and brake addapter for the hubs.
good you posted that one up, so you remembered me to put my summ-up ;)

1. well, it worked for me with hope tech x2. i don't know the v2's caliper size, so i can't help you on that one. maybe you can tell from the pic attached.

2. can't tell either - sorry! but there's actually "plenty" of adjustment, so i'm really positive that it outreaches the adjustment range of your frame. it was largely enough for the WI eno eccentric hub

3. no snags here - will work for you. your frame's got a standard IS mount and the eno disc mount supports that. your brakes got a PM mount and the works perfectly with the WI... here we go ;)

maybe you post a pic of your set-up as well - i'm sure, that might help others as well...
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el saltamontes, thanks a lot! -- that's one very telling photo.

Looks like there is some clearance left for a larger caliper.

I edited my previous post before I saw your reply, as I now have very little doubt about getting full range of adjustment. The guys from Transition must have thought about WI adapter or something, because dropout and IS mount are one flush piece.

By conflicting metric and imperial units I meant that the range of chain tension adjustment on the Bank frame is precisely 10 mm, and I don't know what's the range on WI adapter.

But from your photo it seems like the range is somewhere close to 10 mm. I'll measure it by photo right now, but it seems close enough (EDIT: looks like 16-18 mm).

1SPD, looks like you're aiming for lightweight setup -- have you considered a Trickstuff Exzentriker instead of Forward EBB?
my plan was to look into that one today but just haven't got around to it. I am familiar with the FC ebb as a friend of mine has one on his Home Grown and loves it. But when the time comes, weight will play a roll in it since I am trying to go for a fairly light set up in the end.
From what I just read from folks that have had the Exzentinker, they have pretty much said that the FC version appears to be the better kit/design and comes with the needed adjustment tool. The general consensus seems to be go with the FC. So that could be it. I believe you also have to shave down the small ring bolt location on your cranks for the Exzentriker to work. Granted I won't be using them, but I dont feel like grinding down my already modded and ceramic coated XTR cranks.
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