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I have used e13, MRP, and Blackspire bash a in the past and recently and they are all good.

One vs the other usually comes down to availability when I need one.

The cost of a replacement Blackspire skid plate was nearly as much as a new complete unit a year or two ago so that might be a consideration.

Depending on your terrain there are some 3d printed ones out there which may be an option.

I have not used that style where I'm at...rocky af here and they would end up in bike Valhalla pretty quickly I suspect.

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I have a One Up but its limited effectiveness on my new bike. These new bikes the bottom tube extends foreward from the bb quite a bit and is exposed beyond the bash guard. I do see a couple scuff on the guard so it does help, but want to make a cover for the downtube thats exposed. The oem thin foam rubber “protector” sticker is already peeling back, but i guess its worked so far as frame has only minor scuffs so far. Gone are my days of the 1/4 aluminum plate disc bolted to chainring that i would grind onto loading docks.

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Nothing wrong with e13 products.
I've had their bash guard/chain guide on my bike for 18 months, and man; it’s taken some hits.
like - “high-centered on a granite Boulder” hits.
the guard looks ooks like a bulldog got a hold of it, but it’s straight, and the bb is undamaged.
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