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Your Action Needed NOW for NY's Trails Bill
Today at 4:48pm Your action is needed NOW for the Multi-use Trails Bill

The advocacy organization Parks & Trails New York is doing great work for
NYS trails. Please read their message below and do whatever you can --
call Gov. Patterson, contact Barbara Lifton, and ask your friends and
colleagues to do the same. This message tells you exactly how to do it.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------

It's time to Act!

Contact the Governor Today about the Multi-use Trails Bill

The Multi-use Trails Network Initiative bill (S.2324b/A9317b) that you
helped us support has passed both the Senate and Assembly and has been
sent to Governor Paterson. This bill will establish a broad-based,
multi-agency effort to plan for the creation, maintenance and promotion of
a statewide, comprehensive network of multi-use trails that will help
ensure that New Yorkers are only minutes from a trail or park.

Governor Paterson has 10 days to sign it. Therefore, the Governor needs to
hear from supporters of the bill immediately

Here is what you can do

Call 518-474-8390 or email Governor Paterson and ask him to sign this bill

Ask others in your organization to do likewise

If you have a good relationship with a local municipal official (mayor,
county executive, etc.), ask him/her to contact the governor's office and
say that this bill is important to the community

When you call, you will not be asked any detailed questions. In fact, the
person you reach may try to keep the conversation brief by just taking
down the basic "for or against" facts. Feel free to say more - perhaps
pointing out that the bill is timely in light of high fuel prices,
economic development, concerns about obesity and other health issues
related to inactivity, global climate change and overall quality of life,
or mentioning your community project that will benefit.

Thank you for taking action today.

If you have questions contact:
[email protected].
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