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You all were right.

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So I caved and went for a snowy ride today, only on an agressive XC trail though. The verdict was that the uphills proved horrible, but the downhills made it all worth it. I took my old beater trek 4300, so the DH's were crazy. No worries though, when I bailed all I got was a little cold. Good time in all. What care should I be taking when I ride in snow though, for my bike?
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worthless post without pictures
Melt the snow & dry with a torch or it will rust.
I simply wash my bike with warm water (no detergent, or water under pressure) and try to dry it somehow. The worst thing in the winter (at least in my country) is the salty-chemical mix they put on roads to melt down the snow. It is really not good for drivetrain,bearings etc. That's mainly why I wash my bike after every ride in winter...
in the winter time after a good ride i hose my bike down and leave it outside to dry off.
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