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Yo Santa Cruz! - Any insight on whats cookin' for 2011?

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or will we wait until InterBike?

Curious as a MFer....and with parts on order I'm twitchin'

Strongly considering a Tallboy for my FS build but the few negative comments have me pondering other options.

Will there be any tweeks in the frame/design or will it remain the same as 2010? Will graphics change?

Minor sheeit really - but I got my $98.99 PARK hair splitter out and I'm goin' to work;)
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negative comments?

Hey there. Curious as to what you've heard? I've been loving mine for a while. fast up, fast down, light. Takes 5 inch fork. Awesome. VPP pedals great, even standing mashing.

You're thread caught my eye though. I keep waiting for a carbon chameleon 29er :thumbsup:
I want an APP or VPP long travel aluminum 29er. I don't really care how much it costs, I just want one!

I wanna go 29 and I wanna stay santa cruz but I'm just not a fan of the tallboy due to the travel and geometry....
You don't already know? Let me enlighten you the new frame is Tallboy LT 140mm carbon BB 90 with 12x150mm rear maxle with Reba maxle 140mm on the front. Are you happy? :thumbsup: I've been busy with the quilt trips to them so... ya know.

They are secreatly testing it so brace yourself and pretend and you didn't know, will ya?
hmmmmmmmmm... not to call DC full of it (as many have in the past), but I'll wait for information from a more credible source, thank you very much
I heard they have a custom quill stem program coming for 2011.
I'd really enjoy a 29er Superlight...but hey, that's just me...
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