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rroeder said:
Thanks for the 6er, first time I tried the vanilla porter, yummy!

How did the build go?
No, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the beer.

All I had to do was swap out a headset. The creaking King is gathering dust on the bench while the low-budget Cane Creek does its job with nary a whimper.

Joe - can't do Thursday, but Mondays and some Wednesdays work. Have fun without me. BTW, I've got a few good shots from this weekend. Good thing about photos is you can't really tell the kids were b*****g and moaning :thumbsup: PM me your email and I'll send them your way.

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Hey rroder and heckler_asx,
tomorrow afternoon at six is perfect, let's meet at the first parking lot on the left for Mount Herman, looks like kchri may be joining as well.

loudpawls, look forward to riding with you maybe next Monday, had a good time in buffalo creek.

check you pm for E-mail,


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let's meet at the first parking lot on the left for Mount Herman
Hey Joe, little more detail please, I have not ridden up there. Is this lot past the palmer lake lot? and I'm assuming I exit palmer lake off I-25. Thanks
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