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Yeti Seven 7!

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I've been riding a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR for a few years and it's on it's death bed from being ridden too hard for it's style. I need to be able to climb hills as I can do upwards of 20 miles per day but need the cushyness and durability of a freeride that can handle drops in upwards of 15 feet. I'm thinking the new Yeti Seven is nice, but there aren't any reviews. Anybody ridden one?
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you have been doing 15 feet drops on a must be real smooth (or your Stumpy super strong ;) )

The Seven looks like a great ride, but they just started shipping, so user reviews will take a bit....

took my 06 Stumpy to Whistler BP as the big bike was unavailable. Blew the shock, and nearly the fork. Surprisingly good handling, just not enough travel. Probably didn't do more than 6' drop, but the stutter braking bumps did in the seals. But yeah, not the right bike, but better than NO bike and a missed day with friends.

The Yeti Seven looks to be more the AM side of long travel, and they are pushing it as such.

So not a hucker, but it is supposed to descend and climb really well.

If you go that route, figure a coil into the build.

Sounds like you should be runnin a coil shock as well. Look at a something a bit beefier IMO
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