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Can people with large size frames post their height, inseam, stem size for me please? Large frame due in today and I dont want to make mistake on sizing. I am 5'11 175 lbs 33 inseam. I currently ride large Jamis and want to purchase the 575 which is coming in as a large,


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Large ASR SL

6-02, 35' inseam, 120mm stem. You may want to focus on other aspects of the frame you want to ride though. These days, stand-over height (inseam) isn't so critical on the FS Yetis because they've all got dropped top tubes. The ability to raise and lower a seat on seatposts that are 330mm or 420mm long makes sizing a frame in this manner less important in terms of how it rides.

I've found that top tube length is much more important because it dictates comfort, balance and handling, and steering response. Ultimately, using a longer stem because a top tube is too short will effect your overall ride more than having to raise or lower a seatpost to get proper leg extension.

Be guided by your current setup. If your Jamis places you in a comfy position, buy the Yeti size that duplicates that. If you're right in the middle of M or L, I'd say go L and use a 100mm or 110mm stem. The 575 is built for that upright, all day, trailbike thing more than the flat back "racer-boy".

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6', 33" inseam, 110 mm x 5° rise stem.

I was on a 19.5" Turner XCE with a 23.5 tt. I called yeti and the guys there said to go with the large. I am very happy with it. Compared to the turner with a 120 stem, I am .25 longer overall on the tt and probably 3/4" higher on the front. Bike rides great. Feels almost exactly like the XCE but with more travel. Even climbing steeps, both bikes take a similar position to keep the front end down.

Good luck,
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