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Hello all,

It has been a long and difficult ordeal, but we made it! Go-Ride is ready to start taking our orders. Orders will be accepted starting on Thursday and you have until Saturday @ 3pm MST at the latest to get the orders in.

If you are a last minute straggler and still want the 20% off of a Yeti 575 with Yeti build kit, email me asap.

BEFORE YOU ORDER, Please email me ([email protected]) with the following info:
phone number
Bike Build (Please dont write modifications or color)

I will forward this info to Go-Ride and that is how they will know you get the discount. All orders will be made through Go-Ride directly and the shipping will begin as soon as they meet the 5 bike order minimum.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience since we need to be coordinated to pull off the final step.

It was cool talking to all of you on MTBR and over email...I'll be on MTBR and be sure to keep in touch.


PS: IF YOU ARE BUYING A FRAME ONLY: James @ Go-Ride told me that the price is 60 dollars higher than I quoted....I apologize but I had used the wrong retail price in my 20% off calculation (should have been 1399).
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