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Here's a pic of a '91 or '92 FRO (maybe PRO FRO) seat cluster. It has an odd step-down feature that I've not seen on other FROs.

The first thought was that it was a repait of the common Yeti seat clamp slot crack. However, this fix would require a lot of rewelding (seat stays and top tube) so that seems unlikely.

Is this common? Any ideas?


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I would say that's a repaired frame. The seat clamp screw is different from the ProFRO's, so maybe it's a repaired FRO? You can tell a FRO from a ProFRO by the seat tube angle, FRO is 71° while the Pro is 72°. Also the top tube is a bit shorter on a Pro.

I think for an talented framebuilder it's not that hard to make this repair. On my 1990 FRO seat and downtube were replaced last year and you can't see a difference from the original welds. I also know a Ultimate were the complete seat tube was replaced, which is much harder than on a FRO.



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I know we've discussed this in other venues, but for those who are just tuning in: I have seen (and own) several other frames with this feature. Always on '91-'93 Ultimates. It never appears to be a repair job, the welds and finish are consistent.
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