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Hi all,

I've got an old Yeti DJ that I picked up a while back as a project bike. However, the bike has just sat and I've realized that I just don't have the extra money or time to put into getting the bike fixed up. In preparation for selling the bike, I was wondering if someone who knows a thing or two about older Yetis might be able to provide some additional info on the bike. In particular, it would be great to know the approximate year of the bike and how desirable these Yetis generally are.

From some googling, I think the bike is a 2008, but I've had a hard time locking down an exact year. Here are some photos and general specs:

Last gen Magura MT6 brakes
Lyrik 2-Step Air
Sun Singlewide Tomac wheels
Shimano Saint M800 cranks
SRAM X7/X9 shifter/derailleur

Thanks for any info.


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