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Anthony keeps popping up

I bought my first FS bike from him in Austin, TX in 2000. Got to know him pretty well in the one year warranty period. Then I saw him in Fruita, CO last year when he set me up on a 575, 2008 demo. Now I get to see him again. Cool.

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For those heading out to the Yeti demo, here is what to expect (we were there the past two days).
Greenhorn Gulch trails:

Lots of burned areas...

But the singletrack is still buff and super-fast!

Wildlflowers and wild dogs...



On Sunday's demo off of Adams Gulch, you'll see fields of Lupine... We did Adams-Citizens and over to Fox and Choco Gulch..
Yeti content...

Going home...

Of course, all good rides end better with Grumpy's grubs...

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