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Yeti ASR

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I'm looking at buying one of those alloy Yeti ASR frames that are currently on sale at Jenson USA and building it as my marathon/xc racing bike, but I would like to know if it meets my criteria and would love to here from people with experience:

- low maintenance and high durability (I'm thinking the back-end here, because those seatstays look narrow!);
- good handling in tight, twisty and technical (lots of rocks and roots - can be really muddy too) forested singletrack that we have here in Quebec (I think durability comes into play again here, because bikes here take a beating from the terrain and the weather!);
- quick and efficient, especially on climbs, and again, especially on techy-climbs.

I've read all about this bike and I know it's a classic and probably more than capable of all these things, but I would like to hear some real world feedback from the people on this forum, because I intend on keeping and using this bike for next 5 years or so..........Also, just noticed that Jenson are also selling 2009 Titus Xs' for around the same price! How does it compare to the Yeti?

For the record: I'm 5 10 and weigh around 160lbs and, for most of the time, my wheels stay on the ground, but there's no avoiding (around here) the odd 1-2 foot drop-off.

Thanks in advance!
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