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Which new shock for a Yeti AS-X?

  • Fox DHX Coil

    Votes: 11 64.7%
  • Marzocchi ROCO

    Votes: 6 35.3%
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Okay I've had it with my 5th Element and the constant interference in enjoying "plushness" by the platform dampening in the shock. I really want to replace it.

My riding style is more FR/DH no big hucks or drops. Terrain is SoCal, little rocks, loose sand stone, no mud, will hit Mammoth a couple times in the summer. I really like railing berms, fast flowing single track, and keeping the rubber on the ground (for the most part). My typical shuttle run does have several miles of non-technical/fire road seated climbing. Basically I want something plush that is an improvement over the 5th Element. Up front is a 66RC2X.

My two choices are:

Fox DHX Coil $370 shipped from Go-Ride
Proven performer
ProPedal can be dialed way out
Bottoming resistance (AS-X kinda needs it)

Has ProPedal
Not user serviceable

Marzocchi ROCO $325 (no spring) shipped from Go-Ride
No platform and hopefully plus
Its Marz and I really like their products
Moto-X shim type stack that can be modded
PUSH will working with them in the future, could be a while
Easy to set-up

No platform at all could make pedaling up a pain
New and kinda unproven

So you guys vote and I will buy whatever wins within a month.

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i currently have the roco on my v10 and absolutely love it, but for your yeti asx...
since it's a single pivot and you climb to get to your dh trails, i think you would be better off with the dhx. you'll be able to crank up the propedal for the climb, and turn it down for the descent. i used to own a bullit, originally with the fox float, then got the pedalled so much better with the platform, but still descended great.
as much as i want to say get the roco! i think you'd be better off with the dhx.

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I'd give your 5th Element one more try - - just set it up EXACTLY as Yeti's setup guide tells you to. I followed their directions to the letter and have never noticed any problems with the platform getting in the way of its bottomless feel. I race DH and do a lot of trail riding with it too.

The setup guide is no longer on Yeti's site, but I have the PDF. It was too large to attach here. If you want it, PM me and I could e-mail it.
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