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Yet one more reason I despise the new classifieds messaging...

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system that doesn't allow direct email replies anymore. It does allow folks to use the system to send messages they'd be too chicken **** to email or post in any forum.

Case in point...

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You received the following message from Roy in response to your ad or message:
Name: Roy
Subject: Custom XC Race 22.7 pound hardtail !
Date: 07/11/2004
Message: That is one sweet (ha), kickass(haha), radical(hahaha), racing machine(hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha!) Congrats on assembling so many low end,obsolete, **** parts on one bike! Truly amazing! I do give you credit for not asking more than a fair price! Good luck, Roy
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What an idiot. Like water off a duck baby, water off a duck.
DeeEight, you are such a hypocrite! Half the condescending crap you post on here I guarantee you would be too chicken **** to say to people's faces anyway.

While on the subject of you talking ****, you might as well explain how your 7 bikes are enough to do an 8 race bike series with a different bike for each race - I suggest you read your own profile because it sounds like you're full of it:

Number of bikes owned:
Enough to do an 8 race bike series with a different one each race.

Bike Setup:
I got 7 bikes... in other words, I'm not listing 'em here.

Well, I've finally had enough of your postings so you've now been added to my Ignore List. Congratulations!
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