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Yet more changes to my bikes...

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I rode a 2004 coiler for over 2 years, mainly freeride and intermediate downhill, but I decided it was time for a change. So I bought a downhill bike (giant glory, just finished the build), but I was left with a coiler frame...(the stock parts were swapped for DH parts earlier). My initial plan was to build up the coiler to an all-mountain bike. After rigourous research and shopping lists I figured it would cost much much more than I expected. My plan has now changed: I will sell my coiler frame and a few parts, and also sell a hardtail I use for getting around on. With some extra money I've decided to buy a Kona all-mountain/XC bike. This is where I'd like some advice...

My budget is $1700 max., (preferably less because I still have cash to fork out for the glory). I will be using this for track and trail riding, through forests etc. I don't plan to race.

I was looking at a 2006 Kikapu Deluxe, which I can get for $1550, and seems like good enough spec for trail riding etc.
I have also been looking at a Dawg Deluxe. I am reluctant to buy because it is too much like my old coiler, which seemed far too beefy for what I plan to use this for. It is also outside my budget.

I'd like to know if the Kikapu deluxe is the right bike to choose.
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The Dawg is not quite as burly as the Coiler, but is up to the challenge of the drops and fast descents.
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