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Background - I've got a rigid Ti SS and a steel SS hardtail, but I also have a full suspension 3x9 that I'll ride every once in a while (after a long time off the bike, it's easier to get back into it, plus I'm old... dammit).

Anyway, I recently replaced the chain and cassette on the geared bike, hoping that the front rings would still be okay - NOT! The middle ring was also toast, though the granny and big ring were fine.

A quick search of my favorite online retailers revealed it would cost close to $40 and/or wouldn't be available until May to get a new middle ring (5-arm, 94mm, 32t RF ring).

Well, I look in my parts box, and there is a NIB Salsa 32t SS ring, 94mm. I'd purchased it as a spare for my steel hardtail, because it was a closeout at an LBS parking lot sale ($15 IIRC). I can also count on one hand the # of times I've used the granny ring... since 2002.

Within 20 minutes, I'd pulled the crank, cleaned everything in sight, removed the granny ring, swapped the RF ring for the Salsa SS ring, and adjusted the front derailleur low limit to prevent the low downshift.

Result - clean drivetrain, lighter bike, no more chainsuck, and $0 out of pocket. All because I'm a SSer and I can't pass up a bargain.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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