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Yet another Crested Butte trip write-up with lots of Photos

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Guess I'm a little late, but I'm posting up my photos anyway :)

We arrived in Crested Butte late afternoon on Monday July 3, and after going into the Alpineer to check out their gigantic area map, decided to head over to Cement Creek campground to see if there were any spots available, as we had plans to ride Reno - Flag - Bear - Deadman's off of Cement Creek the following morning. Luckily they had a few spots open, so we snagged one. It's a pretty cool campground. Was really wet the entire time, as it was in a valley between big mountains and had the creek right by camp. Didn't see any running water (no showers or faucets) and I think the trees would have been restrooms... Was gorgeous, though.

Ate and drank at Brick Oven Pizza and went back to camp to sleep.


Got up Tuesday morning, pretty early, picked up camp and headed up toward Deadman's Gulch trailhead to start our ride.

Riding up Cement Creek (our first taste of riding in Crested Butte)

It was really cold

Finally at the Flag Creek trailhead

Heading down the ST

Up Bear Creek

No pics of the fun downhill, but it was awesome. Too good to stop, I think. More climbing (in the background)


Flying outta the forest

Headed back to town and up Kennebac pass. Everyone said it'd be a busy week, so I tried to get a reservation at a campground. Ended up being a pretty decent drive on dirt roads to get out to Lake Irwin. Was pretty; still no running water. FYI - I think the only place to shower in town is if you have a condo or hotel room, or you can go to the Hostel. For $5 you get a shower. Money well spent, btw.

Ate at I think Donata's? right on Elk for dinner.

Lake Irwin campground

Got up the next morning pretty early and headed out to Gothic to ride 401. A few cars passed us, but the trailhead for parking (at the bottom, not at the pass) was empty when we arrived, full when we left.


Climb starts out okay, but man does it get difficult after a bit. At long last, the 401 trailhead

For me, the initial trail climb was TOUGH.

Finally at the top, took a breather, and got in line to head down

As in the other posted photos...there is someone riding in there

Riding over the waterfall

Another take on the bridge

Headed back to town following the ride, and had a sandwich at Izzie's, just off Elk. Went back for breakfast the next day as well. Went back up to Lake Irwin for what would be an extremely wet and extremely long night at camp. It started raining before 6 and didn't let up until about 7:30 the next morning. We were packing up again, so spent a long time trying to dry everything out, which was difficult because everything was soaked and muddy.

Not a particularly good morning anyway, but we went up to ride Upper Upper. Was my least favorite ride of the trip. I endo'd about 2 miles in and banged up my right knee pretty good, and also was timid the entire rest of the way. I don't like rock gardens :) It was a really pretty trail, though.

Pretty sunflowers!

Saw this deer right in town, next to the Towne Inn

We stayed at the Inn (just what the doctor ordered after nearly a week of camping, was so nice to have running water again and a warm room), was a really nice place, and affordable. Left today for Durango and rode part of the Colorado trail that runs along the 550. Photos later. :)
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So cool to see everyone into CB this summer...and all the neato perspectives on the trails.

Thanks for sharing it.
Sweet, sweet, sweet! Nice to see all the pix. We where there during the Crested Butte Fat Tire Bike Week, end of June, and rode several of the trails you did. So cool to see others pix and day dream...

Thank for posting!
THAT'S IT!! I am now excused from taking my camera to CB this coming weekend. I am not worthy anyway (at least my camera isn't).

Another stellar posting! Sheesh, it's a never-ending parade, like the damn rain!

Ed E
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