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Yet another Blizzard sizing question...

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I know, I know...asked many times, but just to make sure.
I´m 5´7 and have long legs, a 34 inseam.
I´m almost sure a 17.5 Blizzard is my size, just wanted expert opinion.
I'm on a 19 explosif right now, but I know i could go on a 18. Pic attached for more information (stem is 90mm and 10 or so of rise) And as you can see the saddle is adjusted towards the front.
Thanks a lot.

BTW, has BrentS already finished building the Blizzard? If so....PICS!!!!


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Here is my 17.5" 2006 Blizzard. Obviously the build is not complete yet as I am waiting for the 2007 SRAM product release before I buy my shifters and derailleurs. I have all other parts for the bike already. The Ritchey seatpost I bought just to test whether I wanted a setback or straight seatpost on this frame and it will be replaced with a Thomson when I decide. The handlebars are mid rise from my last bike, but I think I will need to change them to lo rise due to the geometry of the Blizzard frame and my inseam size (31-32") which keeps the seatpost low. I can tell it is going to be a sweet bike once complete based on my experience with my Airborne Ti frame.
The first picture was too large in resolution.


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Very nice frame indeed. I can´t wait for mine!!! (expected arrival in two weeks) I finally listened to the dealer and went with the 17,5" too.
All parts from the kona in the pic will be swaped to the Blizzard. Weight will be virtually the same, around 24 lbs.
I will post it around one of the dozen blizzard threads around
That is going to be a really nice setup once you are done. I have no idea what this thing weighs but I know I can lose about 1.5 lbs. by changing my shock, pedals to clipless, handlebars to carbon, and front rim to DT Swiss 4.1D to match the rear rim. The bars are going to be changed immediately and I am going to wait until I wear down the current shock to replace it, but the pedals and rim will be changed out by Fall of this year.
5' 7" with long legs and you ride a 19" Kona! That must feel well stretched out! :D

I'm 5' 10" with longish legs and ride both a 19" Kona and an 18.5" Rocky Mountain. The Rocky Mountain is noticably less stretched (shorter top tube).

I'd have said go for a 17.5" as the shorter top tube will suit your shorter upper body and only go for the 18.5" if you really like a stretched out position.


Beat a dead horse with a 17.5" frame

So here is my question

I love the ride of my blizzard (one season so far) but I occasionally find it a bit cramped and on some descents if I hit a bump I feel like I'm headed over the front end.

I bought it used so didn't get to test other sizes, I checked my Wrench Science measurements just recently and the calculator reccomends a total reach (effective tt + stem) of 670mm (26.75") and a frame size of 17" C-C or 18"C-T

Height 178.5cm (5'10")
Sternum notch 141cm (55.5")
Inseam 82cm (32.3")
Arm length 67cm (26.3")
Shoulder Width 40.5cm (16")
Flexibility 4
Weight 190 lbs
Shoe size 44 Euro

I'm riding a 17.5" (C-T) 2003 Blizzard, (565mm horiz tt) I originally had it setup with a 100 mm 5* stem 30 mm spacer (total reach 665mm) which is ball park according to the calculator. I could probably also make an 18.5" frame with a 90 mm stem work (670mm total reach)

The handling as set up was good but my hands would occasionally go numb (grips and glovers were fine) so I rolled the bars forward a bit (low rise) and that seemed to help but I had trouble keeping the front wheel down and tracking on climbs. I thought about taking out the spacer but figured that would put more weight on the hands, LBS suggested using a longer stem so I put on a 120mm 5* (total reach 685mm) That helped with the climbing but the hands ache after 30 to 45 min (not numb though).

Do I just need to get used to the way the bike handles (previously on a 95 rock hopper with drastically different geometry) or would a larger frame be better. How would the 18.5" frame with a shorter stem and lower stack height affect fit and handling (longer top tube but same reach)?

Just curious, anyone have an 18.5 to get rid of?
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