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Not a *bunch* of pixels, but a couple nice ones, and some ugly ones ... as you surmise it was another Lady centric ride, with Jen and Claire and Jody.

We ended up starting with a few more people ( Ryan, Matt, and Nando ) but they eventually went on their own way, all good, all good.

We cruised a more traditional up-n-around route from the 360 Hwy entrance to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, we had a bit of time limit for Jody needed to get back to attend to her "wee little boy" Kiyoshi. I hope she made it, we were a little slow getting back.

Good 15-mile-ish ride though. Good medicine for the Bear and his silly XC overindulgence of Saturday.

But for the good stuff. ;^)

GrungePoodle rolling in ... I think peer pressure made it happen ... but she did it nice ...

... Jody later doing similar ...

... Claire expressing what it means to her to ride "XC" ...

... Jody later rolling more fun ...

... GrungePoodle had a couple endos, but only one left a mark ...

... but wait, there's more, back in the parking lot after everybody else had left I ran into Bizarro (local nickname, no idea if he's up here on MBTR but I think he is - rides a big black Knolly D-T) ... he comes cruising down the hill to the parking area, rear tire flat with a carpenter's nail in it, and an interesting situation with his elbow ...

... but he kinda revels in all the karnage ... and yes the local clinic and he are on first name basis ...

... sorry GrungePoodle, you're going to have to try harder in the future (or not)!!!

other random pixels over here

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What is it about Barton Creek that keeps us going back?

Is it the lure of the steep downslopes that gets our bikes tippy,
or flying over the rock gardens that make our tires nippy,
perhaps its the skinny trees that high five our shoulders,
or the sound of our pedals as they scrape on the boulders.

Its a wonderful place, though some may disagree.
But I always go back, because its Austin to me.
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