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My Brain Hurts!
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Did the grocery getter thing again yesterday. My sons and I went for a ride to get food and do a propane tank exchange for the gas grill.

I know how green is that, riding a bike to fuel up a propane grill.....:crazy:

Anyway, the pic with the trailer is me comming down what looks to be a 35% incline (we sled on this hill in the winter), with an empty propane tank in the bin, riding the brakes all the way!

We also stopped for a breather and posed for a pic by the State Welcome sign. The trailer was then loaded down with a new, full propane bomb, er......tank and about 80 pounds of groceries and 12 packs of pop....

There is a wee bit of side to side action and surging when pedaling with that much weight in the trailer, but still manageable....

How was your weekend ride?
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