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A friend originally from Virginia passed this along to me.

No, not in eastern Canada. But dirt cheap. Could this be the year of the stage race? Trans-sylvania, this thing, and Crank?

(and just throwing it out there....anybody committed to transsylvania with an extra spot want a gas chipper-inner?)

Guess I'll save BC bike race for 2011 as the cost of plane fare and entrance will pretty much be the same as all of these other events combined.

Oh yeah, also:
Not a race, but it will help me turn 2010 into the best year of bikes EVER!

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I've really gotta sit down with a calendar and figure out what I'm gonna do with what few vacation days I'm afforded.

Transylvania is a STRONG maybe.

I think nogears is doing Breck again this year (maybe too far, too pricey & too high for me this year).

You couldn't pay me to do Intermontaine (if it even happens).

La Routa gets sketchier by the minute.

I want to go to the Handmade show and Mrs. Monster has her eyes set on Ray's women's weekend.

And that's on top of the Canadian Ski Marathon!

Decisions, decisions... :D
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