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Build went perfectly as expected. Finish is typical Knolly...great. Cable routing is bang on, bb and all bolt holes cleaned up nicely with no need to prep prior to install. Just pedaled it around the block so far and it feels really good. Obviously feels very similar to my other Knolly's but the pedaling position feels more like my Endorphin than the old DT.

Couple comments:
I'm still waiting for my Elka Stage 5 to show up and then it will go on.
I would like to see the typical Knolly head tube badge. Not sure what the deal is with it not being there...I believe it's just the Raw's that don't have them.
I love the raw finish. It would be great on a shuttle bike as a minute with a scotch brite and it would look brand new again.

Build came in lighter than expected. Bare frame with just DHX-air was 9.72lbs. -- UPDATED WEIGHT -- Complete build is 33.02lbs. Tires are Maxxis Advantage 2.4's front and back, tubeless with stan's. Weighs teh same as my endorphin on the same scale which is bizarre. The Lyrik is lighter than the Talas36 on the endo, dhx vs mx tune coil, and the cranks and wheels are lighter but the rest is the same. It will pick up some weight once the elka goes on but it will be remarkably close considering how much more abuse the Delirium can take.

frame -- Knolly Delerium w/DHX Air and Elka Ti Spring, raw, medium
fork --2010 Lyric 170 DH Solo Air Tapered
headset -- Cane Creek flush top, 1.5" bottom
wheels -- Crossmax SX
brakes -- Hope Tech M4/X2 183mm
handlebar -- Chromag OSX
stem -- 50mm Thomson
seatpost -- Thompson
saddle -- Chromag Trailmaster DT
crankset -- XTR
pedals -- XT
cassette -- SRAM 990
chain - SRAM 991 cross step
shifters -- X9
front D -- Shimano SLX double
rear D -- X0
cables & housing -- Shimano
tires -- Advantage 2.4 tubeless with stans

And now the pics:


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Signals got mixed somewhere and I ended up getting QR dropouts rather than the 12mm I wanted. Not a big deal since the crossmax's are convertible so I'll ride this until the new dropouts and axle arrive.

I'm very happy with the weight considering there is no ti and no carbon anywhere other than the deraileur cage and is running a heavy saddle and bar. I will be basically using this for everything that is too much for the endo yet is pedalable so it will hit full on DH runs plus a lot of stunts as well as all our more aggressive trails and a lot of climbing.

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Damn you, .... now starting to question my large White.:madman:
Thats looks mighty fine:arf:

This means I should be hearing something in a week if the Raw, Ano, Powder timeline is valid.

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