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Yep, yep..........

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Some new parts, new paint, new decals, same old bike ;)


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New paint is like "The Fountain Of Youth".Verry nice,who did the paint? Thinking of doing a remodle on a old Cannondale.
Looks good!

Did you have it done local? Been thinking about getting mine painted next month when I break it down for the yearly o-haul.
Ooooo. Lookin' good, Matt.

Did you get the crack fixed as well?
TeamFOF said:
Thinking of doing a remodle on a old Cannondale.
That would be like painting a mud fence or lipstick on a pig.
Thanks Guy.........I just had a flashback of my X standing in front of a mirror!
Sorry, I really didn't mean to do that, honest.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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