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Homegrown Gal aka MerlinRider aka Ellsworth rider checking in. Geez, its been a LONG time since May by the Bay and the ride in Jim Thorpe. Still miss Dalerider.

Any of you old timers still on the board ( celly still probably hates me). Charlie America, Spychic, all you old goats. :p

We stil ride, I still have my merlin and Ellsworth, and George has his Santa Cruz and Merlin.

Still racing cars too, have a couple of Lotus Elises, and a Lotus Exige. We do mainly road racing now instead of drag racing.

Oh...and we had a baby! Yep. Its true. He was born almost 3 months premature, but he's doing great now at 15 months.

Here's an old May by the Bay pic....

Me on our honeymoon several years back,
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