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yeah so ....

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yeah so i am not the afore mentioned 6-9 280 clyde, he is a guy i know, thanks to all that gave input.
im a mere 225 6-1 clyde and i am slightly drunk, it was raining and cold and the party was too far away to ride to so I am bummed. i get to ride in the morning though, makes up for it.
fixed gear commuting is fun, the constant movement, the constant pedalling. climbing up the hills to spinn down , blood flow is good.
my fixed gear bike and my 29er have the same bcd, ponder that with some beer or rum.
i mash the same gear , whether fast or slow
i push the same gear , through rain or snow
i run the same gear , the pedals always turn,
i press the same gear , my legs begin to burn

even in my mediocre , gear , my legs they push me over
every hill i pass. my heart beats times over

no matter the length;no matter the grade
my pedal stroke remains the same

even in the cold of night, and in the dark of day
the same gear I pushed tommorrow is the one I pushed today

so in my long commute through hell and high water
my simple fixed gear bicycle
will pedal up and down the shoudler
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