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yay I have the bug again!

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Man I went through the past couple of years as a casual cyclist:madman: I used to live and breathe bikes then for some reason my interest just dropped off. I started picking up riding road again for the exercise but still the passion wasn't there. Dirt was fun but still...I dunno it still took forcing myself to get out there. Then I started wanting to be out in the dirt again and I broke my frame.

Funny how building a new bike gets you focused and then when you find out that your new ride blows away your old one and that you are starting to dance in the dirt with it, your mind stays out on the trails. I'm already figuring out how early I need to hit the gap to get in a hard ride and still get home in time to shower and make the hour long commute to work. I figure 6:30 am seems about right:cool:

right now I am having fun again

Buzz...somehow right now the name really fits :D
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Right on. May your enthusiasm never wane.
i hear ya :thumbsup: .....lost a lot of 'wanna-bike' drive remodeling the house & having a kid....

but i recently wen thru both my me and my wife's bikes to re-tune....and now i got it bad again......feels good......kinda itchy...but mostly good.....
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