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Well, at least Johnny Freeride had a good time.

Early into the ride, Steve (Big Boulder) crashed with me hot on his skewers, and when he fell, I had no alternative but to lay my bike down on top of his, bending his derailleur hanger. :( Poor bastard. He stopped several times to tweak it, and finally it worked well enough to use. My fork was losing air from the get-go, so by the end of the ride, it was topping out with a horrible metallic clunk that scared me. I bypassed my favorite part of the ride to ride the road down. :rolleyes: Damn Marzocchi. Damn me, for not bringing a fricking shock pump. It's George Bush's fault, I tells ya.

It was real nice up at Auburn- overcast, with a bit of humidity in the air, but I'll take that over what it could have been. 22+ miles. Many cyclocrossers on some portions of the trails- that was different. They were all stuck up. :D

Here's a couple o' boring pics. Didn't have the camera out much.

1) JFR
2) Big Boulder
3) Scenic w/ JFR. That's the Atlantic Ocean down below.
4) My leg after an encounter w/ prickly bushes. Hope none of that's pizen oakley scratches. :mad:



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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