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Yakima Tube Top

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Looking for a review of the yakima tube top. I have a Trek Fuel EX 8 and it doesn't sit on my rack very well. Does this work well - seems like it may marr up the stem/seatpost. Is it secure - looks like it would rock all over?

I would try it if i can find a used one cheap - If anyone has one that they need to get rid of for $25 or less shipped to 28609 let me know.
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I don't think it will mar your frame anymore than your rack would. I've since switched to a tray-style rack because I got tired of the scratches and damage from bikes swaying. Even those with anti-sway cradles don't work.
Sorry - by rack i meant the rack i use at home to store the bikes. they just hang on the arms so it doesn't scratch it. I just wanted a better way to hold this bike to the storage unit - if you brush by it accidentally it can fall off (why its on the bottom rack).

Agreed - the car racks that use the frame do marr it up.
I just bought a Thule top tube and it works very well. Both ends have a plastic/rubber coating over them so it will not damage your bike in any way. Just got back from a 250 mile trip and it didnt fail at all.
check out the xport one from performance- does just as well for sometimes $11 on sale. i use 2 of them and i'm 100% satisfied.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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