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...are bull$hit.

Speaking only of the cable lock types for the hitch racks right now... I lost the keys to mine and defeated it in about 1 second.

They don't keep your bikes safe.

I don't want to go into too many details since I'll get a bunch of people going "oh great, tell the whole world how to steal my bikes!" but do yourself a favor and use a U-lock and/or cable that is made by a lock manufacturer and comes with some sort of guarantee, and lock it directly to the chain loop on your hitch.

I understand those can still be cut, and a hitch can be removed (in no timely manner) but it's enough of an improvement to matter.

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Anything with cheesy little lock cores like the rack manufacturers use is for stopping honest people- I have no illusion it would take somebody more than 30 seconds to take my bike off my rack, and that's with the car alarm armed and not being tripped.
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