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Hi, all. Sadly, I have not kept up to date with all the current bottom bracket technologies, as external BB seems the ticket. However, I recently purchased a frame that uses a PF30 BB. It's a '14 Specialized Enduro 29er with a 73mm BB.

I already own a Sram XX1 crankset, GXP style. I'd like to mate the two together. I know this is possible, but I'm looking for the most efficient/simplest method and getting conflicting information.

First I've been told that the FSA adapter that allows you to use the actual threaded GXP BB is the best. Here's a link:

Universal Cycles -- FSA BB30 Bottom Bracket Adapter

Appears to me, though, that you could use something like the Chris King adapter to accomplish the same task (BB conversion kit #3):

Bottom Bracket Conversion Kits | Chris King Precision Components

I live in Arizona (dry environment) and want something I don't have to bother with once it's set up, beyond routine maintenance. Thanks much.

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I wouldn't use a mess of adaptors.. just asking for trouble with a BB design that is already a troublesome squeaking nightmare.. get one that not only adapts, but helps solve the press fit issues with a inner shell that screws together helping eliminate the movement that causes the issues.. and has options for the better quality bearings..

KCNC/RWC BB30 to GXP BB Adapter with Enduro ZERO Bearings

if you call or e-mail they will help answer any questions you have also.. I've had the best customer service from RWC.. right down to getting non standard color Ano parts..
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