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Which of the following pix is of a top pull frt derailleur?
Picture 1 - FD-M952:

or Picture 2 - FD-M950:

I thought it may have been the difference between the FD-M950 & the FD-M952, but I just saw another listing for a "top pull" FD-M952, which had a pull mechanism that resembled Picture 2's (i.e., the FD-M950).

I am replacing a Deore FD, and it is not like either of the above, both of which were listed as top pull derailleurs on ebay. The lock down bolt is in about the same position as picture 2's, but there is a half circle "cable guide" that routes the cable from above and underneath.


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Your current Deore FD is a later type that can accomodate both cable pulls. Either the cable attaches directly to the cable fixing bolt from above or is routed over the guide from below.

Also remember that there can be up to 12 different combinations of cable pull (top or bottom) ; deraileur swing (top - low clamp, bottom - high clamp); and clamp size (28.6mm - 1 1/8", 31.8 - 1 1/4", 34.9mm - 1 3/8").

So you need to know what pull, swing, and clamp size you need. The latest Shimano FDs use shims to fit at 34.9mm clamp to the other sizes and accomodates both cable pulls. So instead of twelve variations there are only two- top or bottom swing.

Pic #1 is a top pull, top swing.

Pic #2 is a bottom pull, top swing
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