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While shopping for a Shimano XT M770/771/772 type SGS rear derailleur and 11-34 cassette, I'm noticing that there are some deals to be had on brand new old stock Shimano XTR M960 11-34 cassettes and SGS rear derailleurs.

In particular, I'm noticing that the XTR M960 11-34 cassette is about 50 grams or so lighter than the XT M770 11-34 cassette. BTW, what's the difference between the M960 11-34 and the M970 11-34?

It appears that the XTR M960 SGS derailleur is also a little lighter than the various XT M70/771/772 SGS derailleurs.

We do not have the type of derailleur-grabbing terrain that apparently makes the low profile "Shadow" version(s) such a good idea.

I am leaning towards the SGS (long cage) version in any case, as I occasionally catch my rider on a small/small combo.

Any preferences regarding Rapid Rise or regular? We don't have any real tricky terrain in terms of shifting needs- it's pretty much grinding up hill, and then descending.

FWIW, this is for a 21 pound FS XC bike for my 100 pound wife.
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