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XTR Disc brake vs Marta

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Quick question,

I currently have xtr shifters and disc brakes on my bike and I have the opportunity to purchase Magura Martas at a pretty good price.

Which would be lighter my current XTR setup or a Marta/Shimano XT shifters combo?

Thank you in advance.
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if you switch to xt (rapidfire) shifters, wouldn't you also have to change to a regular xt rear derailler (from your xtr rapid-rise)?

at that point, i think the weight savings would be a wash. and you'd be out a bunch of money, even if you get stuff at a good price.

i compared an xtr shifter/brake/rear derailleur setup, with a set of marta sl's, sram x0 triggers and rear derailleur. the sram/marta setup was lighter. i don't remember exactly how much, but it was less than 100grams difference.
i am sure the martas would be lighter, however... the xtr brakes in my opinion are a better brake.good modulation, still fairly light, AND much easier to bleed!!
You can use either rapidrise rear derrailluer or a reg one with the shifters.

Isnt the Marta Sl's just a carbon lever? Unless Im getting that confused with another brake.
Marta SL's are only 10g lighter than regular martas as far as i know
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