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XTR BB Cups alternative.

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I did a really muddy race last week and today was starting to clean and rebuild the bike. I got to the point where I was reinstalling the BB cups and I noticed one wouldn't spin, it was completely seized. It says not to disassemble right on the cup but since it was seized I wanted to investigate how "sealed" the bearings were. Well, I was able to get to the ball bearings within 10 seconds. All that covers the bearings from the elements are 2 crappy plastic caps that do absolutely nothing to hold out water/dirt, I couldn't believe it. Even after popping the first cap off I could see the bearings around the inside edge of the cup under the second "protective" seal.

New XTR cups are $25 a piece @ jenson which I guess is a reasonable price for new BB bearing. I however would rather go with something not so shitty, something a little more sealed. Can anybody recommend some new bearings that won't break the bank.

Example of wallet killers... hope, CK, phil wood.
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have your local shop install Enduros bearing kit into your XTR cups, the bearings have larger balls and a much better seal to keep out the moisture. Our shop has bearing for about $15-20 and about the same to install.
+2 for the Enduro's. You can buy the bearings by themselves or you can spend more and get them with the bb cups.

Even after popping the first cap off I could see the bearings around the inside edge of the cup under the second "protective" seal.
I think you are referring to the plastic shim. It's the thin plastic piece that covers the dust seal and extends over the I.D. of the bearings. When/if you get the Enduro bearings you will no longer us that piece b/c the Enduro uses larger balls and has a smaller I.D. that actually fits on the spindle without the need for that spacer.

Pack those new bearings with Super Web Grease (if they don't already come that way.)
yep, thats the kit we have. great upgrade for the money

+1 on the King but I'm not sure the OP wants to put out that much $$
If you don't want to spend the money up front for a King like I just did, then I'd recommend the Enduro bearings as well. I just got some for my WTB hubs. We all pick and choose what we're willing to pay through the nose for up front to save money and headache down the road.

My front Laserdisc Lite hub bearings have lasted nearly 3 years and the rear ones are still spinning perfectly and have otherwise been great on my hardtail (still looking for new wheels for my FS). I didn't shell out the extra $300.00 for CK hubs, but I have no patience for bottom bracket bearing issues, so I spent my cash there and I'm going with Race Face Deus cranks instead of XTR, which more than makes up for the price diffenerence for the King BB in money saved, but only gives up about 25 to 50g in weight to XTRs depending on the rings you use.

We all have our priorities, eh?
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Thanks for the recommendations guys, those enduro bearings look to be the best choice for the money, i'll have to give them a call and see what their shipping policies to Canada are.

I initially wanted the chris king BB, I really liked the idea of being able to grease them, then I realized it was CK and of course that would mean needing a pricey proprietary tool. The $50 grease adapter turned me away from them.

Thanks again guys.
you can instal the King BB with a Shimano tool, the King just is more precise and better fitting tool, the grease injector is not much more than a competitors BB, so the King with grease tool is the price of 3 or 4 Shimano XTR BB's, and given the life span, IF teh King lasts two or more years you actually save some cash
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