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XTR 9sp crank with 10sp group?

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Have a 9sp XTR (M970) crankset.
Dose anyone know if it will work with the new XTR 10 speed drivetrain??
If you have tried it have you had any problems?
All but the crank will be 10 speed.

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You need to check to see if a 10 speed chain will fit the 9spd sprockets.
I'm running a xtr m970 crank w/ xt dyna 10 spd cassette and a slx 10 spd dyna rear d and shifter.
I even converted my crank to a 2x10 running a xtr 24t small ring and a 26t slx middle with a bash. shifts very good >
Just make sure to get a 10spd chain.
I am running a 9spd XT crank(set up as a 2x) w/ a XT Dyna r. derail, cass, chain and shifter. I think I swapped the front for a 10spd version, but am still running the front shifter that came w/ the 9spd pair. Zero problems, shifts great! I was on SRAM for years, but this new stuff really restores my confidence in Shimano.
It works no problem, I ran XTR 970 cranks with a 10 speed rear der, shifters, cassette, and chain- The only thing you have to do is match your front der to your front chain ring- the 10 speed FD's use the same cable pull but different geometry so will not work with a 9 speed crankset-

Check out this thread/Sticky for more in depth info....
Agreed. My wife has been running that combo since the day I could first order it (last August-ish?). She swears the new 10-speed stuff shifts better, and it certainly shifts perfectly up front on the work stand with a 9-speed crank.

BTW, at the time of purchase, the Shimano tech rep said it would "absolutely not" work.
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