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XT (M770) vs LX (M580) shifters? Need comparison!

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I'm considering either the M580 LX shifters, or the M770 XT shifters.

From what I can tell, here are the differences:

XT is a wee bit lighter, has instant release and position adjust

Is that all? They both have dual release as far as I can tell, and both have removable gear indicators.


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They use different shift mechanisms. The XT's mechanism is also supported by ball-bearings (rather than the LX's bushings) and will have a lighter and smoother action. Although the differences may not be vast when the units are new, the XT will retain the tightness and precision of a new component for longer than the LX, where the bushings will gradually deform over time.
The XT optical display can be removed, not sure about that LX (maybe it can).

The XT can be modded easily to be "multi-release" like XTR.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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