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XT disc brake lever pin falls out. any advice?

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so i have those old 4 piston xt disc brakes (m-739 i think it is) that are similar to the grimeca's. the pin that holds the lever (which also acts as the pivot for the lever) is loose and tends to pop out a bit during riding. so far, i've just put a piece of electric tape underneath the pin so that it doesnt fall out completely. this is only a temporary fix, as the tape loses some adhesive property over time. is there a way to keep the pin in the lever housing? like a shim or something? has anyone else experienced this. other than that, these are the very best disc brakes ive run for general riding.
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Check on top of lever, you have to press the lever, and see if the little allen screw is not loose.
^ oooooh. thanx dude. i'll do that right now.

is that the same allen screw that adjusts the distance the lever sits from the handlebar?
The adjusting screw is located below the lever, it is attached to the bolt pushing the piston. The other bolt is on top of lever and it holds the lever pivot. :thumbsup:
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