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I bolted up a Formula 180mm rotor and adapter kit, and so far, here's what I've observed:
1) The rotor enters and exits the caliper slot with the same tolerances as the XT 160mm rotor and adapter.
2) The entire radial surface of the pad touches rotor braking surface when in use.
3) The rotor is slightly lighter than the RT75 XT rotor.
4) The caliper position -- spefically, the angle at which it sits, is significantly different than with the 160mm rotor and Shimano adapter.

I'm posting to find out if observation #4 is of any concern. I've pedaled it around town, and so far it works great. Not being an engineer, I'm wondering if anyone here can give a valuable assessment of my set up?

Thanks in advance for any useful replies.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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