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I just built this bike in January.
F: 203mm non-ice tech rotor
R: 180mm non-ice tech rotor
Sintered pads. (Have organic on order).

Riding in snow, muddy or just wet conditions, even on warm days - if my rotors get wet they howl like crazy and take a long hard (loud) downhill to clear up. No downhill - noise won't go away. People must think a buck is injured in the woods - frigging embarrassing. A quick rotor clean at home and all is good.

But I'm looking for a solution/prevention to the on-trail noise. My Magura brakes have never been this loud when wet. Otherwise I love these XT's - silent and powerful when dry.

Caliper alignment looks ok, but I've adjusted it and had no effect. What else?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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