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Ok guys how 'bout this one.

I have the newer XT shifters on my bike. The ones with the two way release. When I shift with the thumb lever (take up side) and really throw the thing, as in shifting to the big ring or shifting 3 cogs at once, there is a snag about 2/3s or 3/4s of the way in the throw. This happens with both shifters, although it's more prevalent with the left shifter because I shift to the big ring more often than I shift three cogs at once. At first I thought the thumb lever was interfering with the release lever, but I got the Dremel out and clearanced the release lever, and the problem is still there. It's starting to look as though there is an internal "catch".

Anyone else have that issue? Anybody heard of this? And if so, Is there a solution?

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