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There was some talk about the XS Chromags a while back, so I thought I'd post up the finished product:

This build came in at 32 lbs, but it has DH tires and massive Syncros pedals on it. A sub 30lb build would be easy to do. Barb needs a bike that can handle full days in the bike park as well as being pedalable uphill, so this is about perfect.

It's also the first time we've ever been able to contemplate putting a longer stem on. Before this, it's always been about shoving the seat forward and looking for the shortest stem possible to try to tighten up the cockpit. Now we're looking at shifting her hands forward.

Oh, and for comparison, Barb is 5'1" and carries a bit more of her height in her torso rather than her legs.

***Edit--here's a pic from the first ride...

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