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Xpost: Need help with my AD12

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I have an AD12 on my Rocket 88. I needed a new shock after my Fox died. It holds air fine but after rapid consecutive bumps, the shock packs down and remains compressed. Then over about 15 seconds, it 'rebounds' back to full extension. I had this happen with an AD5 on my MARIN a while back and I assumed it was just a sample flaw - it sits in my parts box now.

But is this a trait of Cane Creek shocks or is there some thing I can do to fix this? I've unthreaded the rebound and compression so there is no dampening. Still the shock packs down.

Any help appreciated.

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Sounds like the insides are gummed up and need to be re-lubed.

How long have you had the AD-12, and have you ever rebuilt it? The AD-12 needs to be opened up and relubed about every 6 months to a year. It's pretty easy to do. Cane Creek sells a seal rebuild kit for $30 that has all new seals for the inside, plus the grease (Slick Honey). Parts - Shocks.html

Only basic tools are needed, except for a spanner that costs about $5 at your LBS. Takes about an hour the first time, half hour on successive times.
It's a new shock, not likely to be too bad inside..

It's a new shock as was my AD5 that had the same problem.

Rebound damping

The rebound damping is controlled by a needle and jet system similar to the orifaces on a motorcycle carburator. the needle should move away from the hole as you adjust the rebound damping screw counterclockwise. yours seems not to be doing this. download the manual from cane creek and open it up. i've had mine open every year for three years for a seal check and relube and have never replaced anything. it sound like the needle is getting stuck too far into the jet hole.
I have had the exact same problem with the AD-12 I bought as a backup to the SID on my NRS.

The rebound damping adjustment could be the cause of packing down. However, air leaking to the "other" side of the piston could also be the cause.

My AD-12 became unresponsive to rebound damping adjustments. Installing the Cane Creek seal kit appears to have corrected the problem. Another symptom of seal leakage can be observed by letting all the air out of the shock. If the shock fully compresses then air has leaked to the "other" side of the piston. When the "other" side of the piston is pressurized the rebound damping is messed up.

Hope this helps.

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